LAI Organic x Olive oil Seminars


LAI Organic is a firm believer in education and continuous training by experts who have dedicated their entire careers to agriculture. Our aim is to bridge the gap between Greek olive oil producers and high quality olive oil by bringing the experts closer to them.

Since 2018, LAI ORGANIC has been providing seminar rooms for with appropriately equipped spaces with a capacity of up to 40 participants in the Koropi area. 

  • Emmanuel Salivaras - Founder of Multichrom.LAB

    Emmanuel Salivaras, owner and founder of Multichrom.lab, is one of the most experienced and specialized analysts in the field of quality control and organoleptic evaluation of olive oil. He studied Food Technology at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki and then at the Agricultural School of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

  • Vasilis Frantzolas

    Vasilis Frantzolas - Founder of Oliveoilseminars

    Tester & Consultant Olive oil quality M.Sc. Food Policy, City University London

  • Dr. Riccardo Gucci - Professor

    Dr. Riccardo GucciProfessor of General Arboriculture at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Agri-Environment at the University of Pisa in Italy. He is the Scientific Director of the Italian Magazine Hortus as well as the magazine of the Italian Horticultural Society, of which he has been a member since 1996. Since 2017 he is the President of the Italian Academy of Olives and Olive Oil. (See video below)

  • Agustí Romero Aroca

    Investigator specialized in Olive Growing and Nuts at IRTA

  • Mauro Amelio

    ONAOO teacher, taster
    and scientific advisor

  • Carlotta Pasetto

    ONAOO teacher, lecturer in technical and professional courses in Italy and abroad.

  • Johnny Madge

    Olive oil tasting expert and judge in international competitions in Tokyo, Athens, Berlin, Australian, London, and Izmir. Madge holds olive oil tastings and does olive oil tours in Valencia, Spain. 

For professionals, farmers, producers, millers, and olive oil aspirants

  • Modern Techniques of Olive Cultivation and Production of Quality Olive Oil (2nd edition)

    376 pages, 580 references, 150 images 145 tables and diagrams

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  • Modern Olive Pruning Techniques (4th Edition)

    242 pages, 216 images

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10 Olive Oil Test Cups with glass lids (IOC/D.S.E. specifications)

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Speech by Riccardo Gucci - President of the National Olive and Oil Academy (English CC available)