Pre-order available: This year's harvest is ready

Pre-order available: This year's harvest is ready

We are very excited to share with you that this year's harvest is ready for you and LAI EVOO tastes better than ever! 🤤

Here are some impressions from our harvest in the grove on a beautiful autumn day.

Setting nets on the ground:


We collect our olives with solely mechanical means in order to not damage the olives being collected as well as the tree.

The olive press

Once we have collected all our olives, we drive them to the oil press of Dimitris Sinanos. His oil press is found in Peloponnese, about an hour and half away from our grove.

It is very important that the olives are pressed within max 6 hours of collection otherwise oxidation and loss of aroma ensues.

In the video below you see part of the olive press machine where the olives have been washed and now move to the next part where the olives are going to be crushed.

The pulp is then fed in to the malaxators with temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius and malaxation times around 30 minutes depending on the variety.

The olive oil is immediately filtered and bottled with a proven shelf life of at least three years. You may now pre-order our Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from our website shop. Shipping everywhere within Europe. Thank you for your trust & support!

Remember to store in a dark and cool place! 😊

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