Gift ideas for the holidays

Gift ideas for the holidays

Some feedback we have been getting lately about LAI ORGANIC soap bars:

LAI ORGANIC olive oil soap bars are handmade with all ingredients 100% organic and responsibly sourced. Our soaps have as their main ingredient LAI ORGANIC olive oil, which is awarded with GOLD awards from NYIOOC and GOOA. The essential oil used for the scent of the soap are chosen from the highest end of pure essential oils. Additionally, LAI ORGANIC soaps have:

NO preservatives

NO fragrances

NO parabens

NO sulphates

NO toxic chemicals

NO animal testing

NO plastic packaging

One of our customers told us that our natural soaps have saved him from skin eczema, which he has been battling with for many years now. You may use our solid soap bars for FACE & BODY, leaving your skin silky smooth and clean.

Nothing makes us happier than hearing you are enjoying our soaps! Ÿ˜Š

You can now place your order here:

ŸššEstimated delivery time anywhere across Europe 4-5 business days

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